Our springwater flows from a natural spring located on Mount Lofty outside Adelaide. The springwater rises gently through layers of sandstone thereby filtering the water as it travels towards the surface. This results in Crystal Springwater being very low in minerals and salts - one of the lowest in Australia. Our water is soft and refreshing.

Typical Mineral Analysis mg/lt
Iron <0.03
Calcium 2.0
Potassium 2.0
Sulphate 4.3
Magnesium 4.0
Bicarbonate 11.0
Sodium 25.5
Chloride 51.0

Fluoride 0.07

Product List
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1) 350ml Bottle
2) 600ml Bottle
3) 1.5lt Bottle
4) 4lt cask
5) 10lt cask
6) Bulk Springwater