Our company uses state of the art packaging facilities and bottles at the source to ensure you get the best possible products from us. Crystal springwater passes through a series of filters; Ultra Violet light technology and ozone to ensure your products are 100% safe. Independent laboratories test our spring water daily.

Our company bottles under the strict guidelines of ABWI Model Code (Australian Bottled Water Institute) Quality System and our natural springwater are well above most world standards and is HACCP certified.

Q. Where does your springwater come from?
A. Our spring is located on our 46-acre property in the Mount Lofty Ranges outside Adelaide and is surrounded by natural bushland and adjoining conservation parks. The Springwater rises naturally from an ancient aquifer deep within the mountain.

Q. Do you have a real spring?
A. Yes our spring is 100% natural and free flowing whereas many other companies sell you bore water.

Q. What does your springwater taste like?
A. Because Mother Nature has filtered our water through sandstone, our springwater is very low in minerals, which gives it a soft refreshing taste.

Q. How do I get your springwater.
A. Our Crystal Spring brand is available through all-good supermarkets and retail outlets.

Q. What if my supermarket doesn't have any?
A. Contact us and we will let you know where to get our springwater.